Metering Pumps

FPX can offer:

  • Metering plunger and diaphragm pumps (API 675)
  • Skid mountedpumping system

FPX designs are following API standard which determines the characteristics of the reciprocating pumps used for process applications in the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. We produce plunger and diaphragm metering pumps designed and manufactured in compliance with API 675 standard.

FPX pumps are therefore designed for applications where a continuous service and a long operating life are requested.

FPX manufactures engineered skids for metering systems as per Customer requirement complete with all the necessary accessories like:

  • safety valves
  • check valves
  • pulsation dampeners
  • calibration pots
  • electric motor control panels
  • instrument junction boxes

Key features

  • Pumps are manufactured according to API standard 675.
  • Positive return of the plunger stroke allows the achievement of low NPSH required value, at all operating conditions.
  • Stroke adjustment can be manual or automatic with pneumatic or electronic servo-control both with pump running and stationary.
  • Capacity range variation is achieved as follows:
    • range 10 – 100% by stroke adjustment;
    • range 5 – 100% by using a mechanic or electronic converter VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) which allows the pump speed variation with precision below 1%.
  • Plunger type with:
    • single or double valves;
    • hydraulic heads having double effect plungers.
  • Diaphragm type with hydraulically actuated membrane having:
    • single or double diaphragms;
    • diaphragm rupture detection;
    • incorporated safety valve;
    • automatic leakages recovery.
  • Wide range of components construction materials (AISI 316, titanium alloy, CrNiMo, super austenitics, PVC and others) assures the most suitable solution for each specific application.


FPX metering pumps main fields of application are:

  • Texitile and paper industry
  • Power generation
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical and refining industries
  • Steel industry
  • Food industry

SL Series

  • High flow rates of 6000 liters/hr & high pressures of 400 Kg/sq. cm. can be achieved.
  • Steady State metering accuracy of + /- 1 % of pump output, at single setting of stroke from 10% – 100% (Turn down ratio 10:1).
sl series fpx

HD & SR series

  • SR make HD type Diaphragm glandless pumps, with hermitically sealed Diaphragm allow leak free operation.
  • Flow rates of 4000 LPH, & High discharge pressures of 100 Kg/sq. cm. can be achieved.
  • Double diaphragm with rupture indication also available.
  • Simplex and Multiplex arrangements of pumps available for universal use.
  • Inbuilt Pressure Relief & vacuum valve on the hydraulic side to safeguard system.

Metering Skids

We can offer complete skid mounted pumping systems and chemical injection packages for different offshore and onshore applications.
The design and the construction of the units are based on the Customer needs and are in accordance with the required standards and specifications.

metering skids
metering fpx

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